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This utility is a server application, used for capturing alarm messages, and outputting those messages to the message line of a set of Display Managers. The program will automatically make itself a background task, and register itself as a pseudo-device. Alarm messages can be sent to this "device," the same as alarms are sent to WPs and printers.

To start the program use the following syntax:

           alm_line  NAME  WP_LIST [-d]


is the name the pseudo-device alarms are to be sent to. This name must be added to the group device lists in the compounds. The name must be less than 12 characters long (6 characters recommended) and in uppercase. The compound "group device" list must contain this name for the alarms to be received.

is the name of a text file containing a list of WPs the alarm messages are to be sent to (one WP per line).

optional debug flag. Unprocessed IPC messages received will be printed to stdout.


           alm_line  MSGLINE  /usr/fox/bin/wp_list

Alarms are configured in the Compound Device Group to be sent to the pseudo-device MSGLINE. All WPs configured in the wp_list file will display the alarm messages.

This program was compiled and proven to work on a Ver 6.0 workstation.


source code (18KB), compiled program (16KB)


If one or more of the WPs is not responding, this program will slow down dramatically, and alarm messages may be lost. This is caused by the program sending a command to the bad WP and it must wait for the time-out before being able to continuing.

Although this program has been tested and appears to function properly, this is not a supported product. The Foxboro Company does not support this program, and will not be held responsible for problems encountered while using this program.


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Systems/Software Engineer
W. Arthur Fisher Ltd.

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