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What it does:

Program and example script to query the current status of display managers. The script also can start the first available display manager.


The compiled C program dmstatus reads the /tmp/_dm* files to get the current location of the display managers. It uses the file lock status to determine whether the display manager is running at present.

It then determines the process information of the running display managers. The output of dmstatuslooks like this:

B 6GA111 Operator           6GA111:0  8654      root 2000/06/28 08:16:48
V 6WPA01 View_Only         ltscs20:0 28074   dmuser1 2000/11/16 13:38:31
V 6WPA02 View_Only           gumby:0 16587   dmuser2 2000/12/12 06:37:19

This displays the display, user and PID of the display manager with the process start time.

This is an example shell script which uses a list of AW/WP hostnames to query for availability. It then prints the output.

If the -s flag is used it will start a display manager by running the DMSTART variable which is defined at the top of the script.

Things in the script which have to be changed between sites:


  1. The command to start the display manager
  2. The list of hostnames or IP addresses (second Ethernet port) of the AW's and WP's
  3. The method of turning the display manager name into the host name for calling the display manager. Note the sed command arguments.



source code, compiled binary, shell script, and documentation (11 KB)


Darryl Bond <>
Specialist Computer Support
NRG Gladstone Operating Services