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by Sascha Wildner <>

A free alternative to FoxSelect for the AW-70 machines.

Installation Instructions

  • Copy eSelect.exe to a directory of your choice.
  • Make sure that FoxAPI and your CSA are up and running.
  • Start eSelect with the name of the Display Manager or FoxView as an argument where you want the block detail displays to be shown, e.g. "eSelect DM0001". If you do not do this eSelect will work but will not show detail displays upon doubleclicking a compound or block. You can create a Windows shortcut which will supply the argument.
  • If eSelect complains about not finding foxapi.lib make sure that a directory with foxapi.lib in it is in your path. You can modify the path variable in Control Panel->System->Environment. The location of this library somehow seems to depend on whether you have AIM* installed or not. /ia/lib/shared and /opt/fox/ais/bin (aka %FOXAISHOME%) are usually good candidates.


  • Fast performance and strict up-to-date-ness of the data shown.
  • No refresh button needed. If you add or delete a compound or block simply collapse and expand the corresponding branch to have it in your tree view.
  • No show button needed. Doubleclicking a compound will display its detail display and expand or collapse its branch.
  • Volumes are also shown.
  • Peaceful coexistence with FoxSelect.

Differences from FoxSelect

  • While FoxSelect uses internal calls to uc.lib to obtain its information, eSelect uses the CSA. For some reason FoxAPI (which is used to access the CSA) produces lists which are ordered alphabetically (as opposed to compound/block order which would make more sense IMHO). So the output is ordered differently.
  • eSelect does not read block or compound parameters which means you will not see the alarm states of compounds and blocks, on/off information of compounds and manual/auto information of blocks. Please use the detail display to obtain such information and turn your compounds on and off.
  • FoxSelect's block list view is not supported since I've not seen many people use it.


compiled executable (36 KB)


Sascha Wildner <>
erpicon Software Development GmbH

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