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tohex / fromhex
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The program tohex will take a binary file and convert it to a combination of hex characters and ASCII strings. The idea here is that you can then edit the file en masse with either sed or some such thing. Actually, for most edits, I would suggest UltraEdit, but there are times when this might come in handy. The companion program fromhex will put thehex characters and ASCII strings back into the binary file.


        tohex {binaryfile} > hexfile.txt

Note that tohex will read from a file given as its argument and write the hex/ASCII version to stdout.

        fromhex {binaryfile} < hexfile.txt

Note that fromhex will read from stdin and write its output to the file named on the command line.

Unlike most of my programs this one does not take the -help option to print its usage. Just run either command with no arguments to find out the proper usage.


source code and Solaris binaries (9 KB)


Solaris platform; or NT and a C compiler


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