“Goodies for I/A” CD
distributed by Winston Jenks <winston@capesoftware.com>

What Is It?

A compilation of many freeware and open source applications, compilers and utilities available for the Sun Solaris platform. There are even some utilities for the Windows platform. Here's a detailed description of what's included in the CD.

Where Can I Get One?

To request a free CD, use the form at:


We will ship the CD to anyone in the U.S. via snail mail for free. If you want it faster, or want a specific carrier, or you're located outside the U.S., please send us your carrier's account number.

How to Use It?

Most of the things on this CD are packages. You install them with pkgadd. Read the download_help.htm for more help. I mounted the CD with:

      mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/sr0 /cdrom

Then you can "cd /cdrom" and you are all set. If you have trouble, try /dev/dsk/c0t6d0s0 instead of /dev/sr0. Both worked on my AW51E.

About Installing Packages

I keep my packages at /opt/users/packages, but you can do what you want. First you need to install gzip so you can gunzip the other stuff:

      pkgadd -d gzip-1.3.3-sol25-sparc-local

Now add the /usr/local/bin directory to your path.

Use /opt/users/packages/spool as a temporary spool directory.

      mkdir /opt/users/packages/spool

You should do the following to install the stuff because the packages are big, and your /usr/var/spool is not:

      gunzip program-1.0-sol25-sparc-local.gz
      pkgadd -s /opt/users/packages/spool -d program-1.0-sol25-sparc-local
      cd /opt/users/packages/spool
      pkgadd -d . 

this will try to install all the packages it finds in this directory, so you might want to clear it out between installs.

You can see what packages are installed with:


You can remove packages with:


About Installing things that are not Packages

Unpack the *.tar.gz file with gunzip. Untar the .tar file. Read the README file and do what it says, generally that will be:


then some combination of:

      make test
      make install

About having no more space in /usr/local

There are two options here: (tar piping comes from Stan Brown)

1. Retarget /usr/local to /opt/ulocal

      a) mkdir /opt/ulocal
      b) cd /usr/local
      c) tar cvf . | (cd /opt/ulocal; tar xvf -)
         # was: cp -r /usr/local/* /opt/ulocal
      d) # Added line to /etc/vfstab --> "/opt/ulocal/ - /usr/local lofs - yes -"
      e) mv /usr/local /usr/local.orig
         # renamed /usr/local to /usr/local.orig
      f) mkdir /usr/local
      g) # reboot the machine


2. or, Make a soft link (I have not done this, it comes from Mark Dumond)

      a) mkdir /opt/ulocal
      b) cp -r /usr/local/* /opt/ulocal
         # Probably should do "cp -R ..."
      c) rmdir /usr/local
         # Looks like we need a -r on this command line
      d) ln -s /opt/ulocal /usr/local


Method 1 needs a reboot and you have to keep track of the custom /etc/vfstab file. Method 2 is simpler, but if you do cd /usr/local/.. you end up in /opt.