remote_dm by Wally Magda

What it does:

This script is similar to /opt/ia/go_dm and /opt/ia/.profile, allowing a Windows-based platform to log in remotely to the hosting SUN WP or AW via the second Ethernet port. I also install this script in the /opt/ia directory.

Major improvement is allowing for DHCP access, no need for a static IP address in the remote platform. Script also sets up a log file for troubleshooting problems. There is also a line that covers the "u" key not working while using Exceed and a line if you want to use jettool from the remote PC to the I/A series printer. I only host remote platforms on SUN station D and E boxes. On the remote platforms we run Windows 95 and Windows 2000, using Hummingbird Exceed v7.1. I/A system is v6.1.2.

I copy this script and rename the file with the remote computer name, setup the remote PC to call on the copied file, and then I have an automatic log created in /opt/ia showing last log in time and any problems. This adds a security measure by only allowing that specific remote platform to call up one file.


remote_dm script file


I can't take credit for this script, and I don't remember who provided it — it was somebody in Foxboro. It works well for my purposes.


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