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What it does:

The utility set_mtk sets the Master Timekeeper on the I/A system. It is a command line utility similiar to the 'Set Time' function in the SMDH. I make no guarantee about this program, so caveat emptor. I have used it on versions 6.1.1, 6.2, and 6.2.1 of the Foxboro I/A systems.

The program takes up to 6 command line arguments that specify the date and time:


Only the first three are required, but unless you want the new time to be 12:00:00 AM, you need to have the last three also. Valid ranges for each argument are as follows:

year: 1970 - 2100
month: 1 - 12
day: 1 - 31
hour: 0 - 23
minute: 0 - 59
second: 0 - 59

After running the command, about 10 lines of diagnostic messages will be displayed.


set_mtk-0.0.1.tar.Z source code, compiled binary, and documentation for Solaris (39 KB) source code, compiled binary, and documentation for Windows NT (205 KB)


I didn't write this program. but got the source code from TAC, and Foxboro is not supporting this utility. I had to make a few modifications to get it to run. So if you have any questions contact me, not Foxboro.


Jeremy Milum <>
Kerr-McGee Chemical LLC

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