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by Jorge Monsalvo <>

A utility to convert I/A work files into ASCII files.


This tool was created to recover a CP/GW database from the hard disk of a crashed AP/AW/PW when the user lost the SaveAll diskette. After that, we modified the applcation to read SaveAll files also, and write ICCAPI scripts.

Because it was an "internal" tool, it was written in Spanish. At this moment we are writing a set of tools for I/A systems, but we don´t have an English version of wf2cae yet.

Installation Instructions

The installation is very easy. Decompress the zip file in a temporary directory and execute the setup file. Choose the application directory, and follow the instructions.

User Guide

The application is in Spanish, so I will try to translate the words. The main (and only) window you have, shows a litlle menu and three frames. "Archivo" (Files) lets you to update the application. "Actualizaciones" (not implemented) saves the configuration (Configuración) or end the application ("Salir"). "Ayuda" (Help) shows an "About" window.

The first frame "Configuración" let you to type the CP/GW name, select the platform (AW51, AW70 or PW) and the I/A version. The frame at the left "Fuente" is the source of information. You can select "Working Files" or "Save All".

In the directories box, you must select the directory where you have the database. On an AW70 it will be d:\opt\fox\ciocfg. You can copy all the files in an AW51 into a Windows NT box and run this tool.

On the right frame "Destino" you will select the destination directory for the text files and also choose the format FoxCAE or ICCAPI.

The FoxCAE format lets you to load this files from the "BackDocumentation" option in the FoxCAE aplication. The ICCAPI format creates one file with the following format.

ADD cmpnd1
ADD cmpnd1:blk1
CLOSE cpname

just to use it with the iccdrvr.tsk command.

Once you have selected the source and the destination, you must pick the button "Convertir" (convert). In the status bar you can see the compounds and blocks the application is reading and converting.


wf2cae Zip file (1.8 MB)


Jorge Monsalvo <>
IVControl S.R.L.

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