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Intro: These are my personal notes, which include published helpful hints, CAR responses, etc., so use them at your own risk. If you’re not sure about a command, don’t use it! You can download the latest Practical System Tips manual from the following Schneider Electric website: https://pasupport.schneider-electric.com/. After logging in, select the "Documents" menu at the top of the page, then select "I/A Series," then "Practical System Tips." The latest version of the manual will always be at this location. –Julie Monsour

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The Cassandra Project is an attempt by the Foxboro I/A user community to provide a set of tools that have been developed by its users to help administer and optimize their Foxboro I/A distributed control systems. This web site has a forum that has a community discussion board and a support board for users to ask for support from other members. This Web Site is not only Fore Schneider Electrics, Foxboro I/A or Evo it is also for all other forms of DCS control systems such as Allen-Bradly, Rockwell Automation and many more.

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