Fox Find

Fox Find is a power display searcher developed in-house at EOSYS. This software allows you to quickly and easily search all displays on a CP for specific keywords or fragments of a tag and accurately and quickly find any reference to it. FoxFind finds a specified tag or text across multiple FoxView displays, lists the displays that use the tag or text, and opens a show copy. A star symbol is placed next to each location the tag or text is used in the display.

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The Cassandra Project is an attempt by the Foxboro I/A user community to provide a set of tools that have been developed by its users to help administer and optimize their Foxboro I/A distributed control systems. This web site has a forum that has a community discussion board and a support board for users to ask for support from other members. This Web Site is not only Fore Schneider Electrics, Foxboro I/A or Evo it is also for all other forms of DCS control systems such as Allen-Bradly, Rockwell Automation and many more.

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