HLBL Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting is a text editor feature used for programming, scripting, or markup languages, such as HTML. The feature displays text, especially source code, in different colors and fonts according to the category of terms. (The Java Developer's Guide, ISBN: 978-0-321-30502-2)

The following links are for common text editing programs that we have syntax high lighting configurations for.

  • Enhanced Skeleton files
    • indblock_0.0.1.s, (3/19/2020)
    • These files are made to replace the original files located in D:/opt/fox/ciocfg/sequenskeleton
    • It is advisable to copy the existing file name.s into name.old before installing the new sequence skeleton file(s).



If you have a syntax highlighting file for HLBL for a different editor, please let the webmaster know (thecassandraprojecthost@gmail.com) so we can incorporate the file into the website for the user community.



The Cassandra Project is an attempt by the Foxboro I/A user community to provide a set of tools that have been developed by its users to help administer and optimize their Foxboro I/A distributed control systems. This web site has a forum that has a community discussion board and a support board for users to ask for support from other members. This Web Site is not only Fore Schneider Electrics, Foxboro I/A or Evo it is also for all other forms of DCS control systems such as Allen-Bradly, Rockwell Automation and many more.

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