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Useful web links

Here are some links to help you along. 
Just Noticeable Differences ... Donald Norman, the usability guru's web page 

The Human Factors and Ergonomic Society... Worth a look if you do any HMI design. 
Coding Horrors ... Jeff Atwood's blog for programmers ANY programmers 
MKS man pages ...The missing man pages for the MKS toolkit. Very useful and contains some neat hacks for unix scripts on windows, like dlg.
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Books you need

The Design of Everyday Things...If you create or build anything for others to use, read this book. It will change the way you look at things. 
Code Complete ... Quite simply the best book on software design I've seen. It's from Microsoft and I still recommend it! -David Johnson 
sed & awk... Jeremy prefers perl, but these are my rod & staff. They comfort me. 
perl... for Jeremy 
Speaking of pearls... The funniest daily comic going. If you disagree you're wrong. 
Unix Power Tools... Not for the beginner, but if you have mastered the basics, this book will expose you to a lot of mid level hacks. Very practical stuff. 
The High Performance HMI Handbook... Expensive, but worth it. Some well thought out ideas on why your graphics aren't very effective. Practical, easy to read, good examples, but not easy to implement unless you can reverse years of status quo design. 
The Alarm Management Handbook... Same as above but for alarms. Even if you don't agree with everything here (and you will with most), it's a great starting point for getting alarming right. 

Jim Pinto's Extensive reading list

Jim Pinto's reading list...Man he must have a lot of time to read!

When things go bad

Set Phasers on Stun...Really it's just a control system, how bad can things get? -- David Johnson 19:25, 14 Feb 2008 (CST)